TEACH THE BODY PRACTICE INFO (classes start August 15th)

Are you interested in teaching the Body Practice? Learn to fuse the myriad movements of the human anatomy with clarity and precision in the Body Practice Teacher Training System. We are living in such an amazing time. It is as if we are being forced to live more consciously because the alternative ain't so pretty. This is amazing because a heightened consciousness is the goal of the Body Practice. The reason for that is that heightened consciousness creates more awareness which gives us more choices which gives us an opportunity to take responsibility which facilitates growth which is hugely rewarding.

A training of this nature has to be an immersion. Regardless of whether it is two weeks, three weeks, two months, six months or longer; however long one needs to get a taste of it, to feel it. It shouldn''''t be just an intellectual concept, it should be an experience. To have a true Body Practice experience is not always easy. Body Practice, by its very nature is cleansing. In order for this cleansing to occur one needs the strength and balance of mind to explore one''''s thoughts, fears and habits and begin to eradicate those which are not beneficial. The environment which permits this process to occur is created and maintained by the instructor. It is his or her sole discretion to decide (according to their experience and intuition) which is the most optimal format to evoke the Body Practice experience. And from here the training begins. The format implies the skeleton for the training more like a starting point and overview. What needs to get covered (which is prioritized by the instructor according to time constraints). Yet within all this the group mingles and energy shifts. I've experienced this to the degree that the group of students becomes like an extended family. Because of all these energetic subtleties, there needs to be a lot of flexibility pertaining to the specific activities the group endeavors upon, according to the instructor's experience and intuition as to how best to facilitate the process of Body Practice. Remembering that it is not always easy, there may be activities or conversations or movements/poses that are challenging, confronting, scary and powerful.

The reason the training is set up like this is because of two reasons. Firstly, the Body Practice is strong medicine and not always easy to swallow. Yet how can you ask someone else (your students) to swallow the medicine if you haven't. Secondly, I have an idea about the practices and activities that I have experienced that have bore the sweetest fruit. These are what I'm sharing with you through the format and activities of this intensive. Be aware if you are signing up for my trainings and you don't know me through my classes here in Spokane, WA- or workshops throughout the Northwest, please be sure to make the attempt to learn about me, get to know my perspective, make sure it jives with yours. Call me if you would like to ask any questions pertaining to the different kinds of activities. After all your inquiries, still be open to the unexpected; spontaneity plays an important role.

By the end of the training your experience will be your reward. This is something you now own and may share it however you see fit. If you participated to the degree I see fit you will also get a completion certificate. Remember, to sign up for this training does not mean you are buying yourself a certificate. You are buying an experience. It is my intention that you have an amazing experience.

About the Training:
Teaching is sharing the knowledge of experience. Let's cultivate an understanding of the Body Practice and let's live that understanding. Let the teaching be our life example. My intentions are not only to deepen our understanding through dialogue and practice, but also I want everyone to come home feeling amazing, strong and healthy, calm and clear, fresh and energized, motivated to continue this practice which seems to be a valid well source of our potential.

Course Topics attempted to be covered:
Increasing our knowledge in many aspects of dynamic, and static calisthenics, martial arts and sports exercise
Practicing yoga postures and their meanings
Learning to correctly perform all Series One movements
Learning to correct others performing exercises
Learning how to create and teach a flowing routine including: improvisation of movement
Creating a dialogue
Working with injuries, etc...

All courses have a natural flow and chemistry, which means different things may be emphasized in different courses pertaining to the group. Although the above list mentions many of the topics and possibilities, what exactly will happen is hard to know beforehand. The Body Practice is an immense topic which could never be fully covered in this training or any other training for that matter- as it continually evolves. I am simply sharing my experience and understanding. Also, there may be things you really want to learn that I am not fit to teach due to those things not being a part of my practice. Please be clear about this training being right for you, because your satisfaction is my highest priority.

Course Goal:
Whatever the direction our journey may be, the goal is to create masters by facilitating a well-rounded understanding of the Body Practice through the knowledge of experience. Another goal is to create excitement about and support for our practice which spills out of each one of us to all that we touch, as well as cultivating the art of sharing, teaching, instructing, and giving.

Course Pre-requisites:
*Student must be able to demonstrate full proficiency in the Body Practice Series 1 DVD beginner, intermediate, and advanced sets.

*Students are asked to submit a 500-1000 word essay on "why I'd like to teach the Body Practice".

Teacher Training Immersion :
Immersion training is the most effective way to learn how to teach the Body Practice. The first teacher immersion training will be the Middle of August 15th-22nd, so the training will last from 5-7 days depending on the students rate of learning. It will be held inside Atlas Training Systems - Spokane, WA. Class space is limited, which makes for focused intensive learning. This is also why the course will be complete in 5-7 days vs. 2-3 weeks.

Since students can expect a minimum of 6-8 hours of training/day (yes, there will be breaks for food etc,.) it is encouraged to have certain materials (yoga mats, writing paper/pens, drinking water etc,.) with you at all times. Students will be conducting and practicing A LOT of Body Practice, so many changes of clothes are encouraged.

Course Tuition:
Teacher training is $1500.00 USD. This is a non-refundable purchase once class begins August 15th. It is required that at least $750.00 be submitted by August 15th, with the second half no later than August 22nd. However, due to limited spacing- it is wise to reserve your space as soon as possible.