We have 4 pillars here at TBP that we orient our classes around and use as a focus to help process what is coming up for all of us as guides, as students, and as humans navigating this wild ride called life.


Our quadfecta of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual components in our practice helps us tap into the layers beyond just getting a physical workout so you leave transmitting a higher vibration and more elevated sense of self.

If we had a fifth pillar, it would be music.

Ahhh, music.

I recently heard the musician, creator, and artist Jon Batiste in a podcast describe music as such:

“Music is not meant to dominate a room. It’s meant to unionize the room and bring all the people in it together.”

(cue mic drop)

We don’t always have the words to describe what’s going on inside of our beautifully messy and complex human selves, and that is exactly when music comes in and speaks for us and ultimately has the power to move us and heal us.

The Body Practice just isn’t The Body Practice without music. And the music in TBP is not just any music either.

We aim to chose music that expresses the words of the soul.

Music that speaks for us and speaks through us.

Music that speaks to the larger picture of what is happening in the world around us.

Music that helps orchestrate the emotions and feelings inside of us arise to the surface so we can then move them through us in the physical practice and we can leave with a new and purified vessel that truly feels more alive!


Whether you identify as a mover, a shaker, a dancer, or someone with 2 left feet, you too can experience this elated sense of being when you find music that moves the soul.

To get you going, enjoy this playlist of our summer favorites we’re playing in our classes to support you in connecting deeper to yourself, to others, and to the world.

What moves you? Let us know in the comments below!

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