Our Story

For those who are unfamiliar with THE BODY PRACTICE and want to know where it came form and why . . . Jayne, Jamie and the Aspen Shakti team created TBP to teach about ‘the art of radical embodiment,’ or the art of beautiful embodiment, fearless embodiment, feminine embodiment, masculine embodiment, graceful embodiment and empowered embodiment. We are passionate about creating embodied experiences and inspiring embodied living for those on the path of living the great life, or wanting to be on that path.  We are passionate because traveling that path together breeds intimacy and we are, simply put,  intimacy junkies.  We are passionate not because we hold the key to knowing,  but because we do hold the courage, the vision and the confidence (most days) to go for it,  and we hold the compassion and tenacity to accompany another.  Not only have we been through that choice point collectively over and over and over in our lives, and have lived through the ups and downs of our choices,  we also know that for this team there is no other way.  Jayne holds it in her DNA to be a friend, companion, source of support, a champion for anyone and everyone who also knows that there is no other way, and her mission is infectious.

The Body Practice, although a compilation of many years and iterations of Jayne’s personal heroine’s journey, and a blend of her love for the theatre, spiritual study and physical practices, was ultimately born as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  In truth it was her attempt to pivot from operating a once thriving yoga and community hub to really refining and owning her unique art/work so much so that together we could produce an offering that was unique, transformative, magnetizing and effective enough to stand out and in the very quickly developing and competitive world of online fitness.  Aspen Shakti was Aspen’s most popular, beautiful and authentic destination yoga studio where visitors and locals alike flocked to connect, to breathe together, move together, meditate, dance, and evolve.  It was a basement sanctuary right in the downtown core of Aspen and most people who walked in the doors and experienced a class would walk out saying they had been around the world and this was the most wonderful, uplifting, beautiful and welcoming of studios they had ever experienced.  Now how were we to begin, all in an instant, to replicate that experience online?
Jayne’s action was to pull out everything that was in her, from 10plus years of owning, directing and producing a children’s musical theatre company, to 8plus years of owning and running Aspen Shakti and to design and produce a method that was unique, enthralling, authentic and representative of all the components that made Aspen Shakti what it was to the consumer.
Like many, we flailed, we tripped, we cried, we hugged each other often even though we weren’t supposed to be hugging, we failed over and over and over, AND we eventually found our way learning all about audio/video, music licensing, building an online subscription website platform and the customer service required, best camera angles to name a very few parts of the journey to get up and running.
In addition to the business pivot, The Body Practice was created to help participants move out of their heads (fear and mayhem), into their bodies (truth, groundedness, creativity, possibility), and as a response to the intensity of what we have been and still are experiencing.  From pandemic caused isolation and loneliness, political division, social and racial injustice embedded in the very fabric of our country, financial stress, environmental stress and beyond, Jayne saw that we needed a practice more than ever, that both offered practitioners a support to make it through their own day, lives and ‘hero’s journey, while at the same time could meet them where they were at.  We have all responded to these trying times differently, some have gone to obsessive exercise, some alcohol and food, some art, some meditation, some overworking to name a few.  Not only is the structure of TBP classes unique, and the intimacy of the platform itself, but the method has 6 different practices so that wherever a student is on their journey, there is a practice just right for them.  We believe that embodiment is the key to empowered and next level living and it is the key to the great life.  Now more than ever we are being asked to step it up and connect, collaborate, have each other’s backs, find joy and lead with love and we need a practice more than ever that gives us the tools and energy to do so.
Enter stage left THE BODY PRACTICE.