Jayne Gottlieb

Known for enlivening Aspenites from all over the world with her magical, virtually unexplainable, cathartic workout, Jayne Gottlieb created The Body Practice while on a deep soul journey to emerge out of the pandemic stronger, more connected to herself, more successful, freer and happier than ever before and as a way to truly tap into her higher purpose and experience greater fulfillment and wholeness in her life. Fusing her experience as a yoga and meditation instructor, dancer, entrepreneur, and woman on her own path of liberation. Jayne crafted a quadfecta practice for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awakening that taps into the power of the physical body to move stagnant energy and ultimately empowers students to manifest their best life.

Jayne sees her role as lovingly pointing out incongruencies in what practitioners transmit in their lives as opposed to how one might want to live their life, with the ultimate goal of helping students to shift their perspective and understand that you move energy in your body, (from your words to your thoughts, to the way you move and walk and breathe), is truly who you are. Her work is about unwaveringly embodying your whole, authentic and divine Self in your whole being as a path to living joyfully, fully alive and liberated. Residing in Aspen CO, she works with people from all over the world with all kinds of backgrounds and lives. This work is relevant to anyone who is willing and open to the deep wisdom and power of the body and having awareness as to how energy flows through it. As one friend of Shakti explained, a session or class with Jayne is like turning up the volume on what you think you can do, while adding grace and freedom to the whole experience. It truly is the experience of feeling fully alive IN your body.

Jayne’s most influential teachers include Marco Rojas, Seane Corn, Kate Spear, Ashley Turner, The Ailey Extension, Broadway Dance, John Wineland, London Angel Winters, Stephanie Snyder, Rusty Wells, Peter Crone, Joe Dispenza and of course life itself. Each of these extraordinary forces have contributed to The Body Practice Method and their teachings are woven throughout everything Jayne does, says, is and shares.