Tap into the power of the physical body to evoke the best of you

What is IN-BODY-ment?
IN-BODY-ment : When a person’s body, words, thoughts, and actions align and reflect the TRUTH of who they are, consciously, artfully and beautifully – therefore the outer you looks, feels and is lighter, freer and more FULLY ALIVE!


inclusive, accessible and always lovingly challenging

The Body Practice is a quadfecta practice for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awakening that taps into the power of the physical body to move stagnant energy and empowers students to manifest & truly LIVE their best life. This practice reprograms the mind, ignites the creative and free spirit in us all, uncovers the intuitive soul and enlivens the ecstatic body.

The method uses music, movement, and breath to open the body, focus the mind, open the heart and enliven the spirit. Within the 6 styles of classes, students will feel the body turn on, experience grace and momentum as they build heat and practice ‘flow state’, strengthen core and inner power, release bound emotion and the toxicity that exists in our bodies as a byproduct of our modern world, relax, calm, balance and restore the nervous system, and lastly refocus the mind in meditation so as to become the you living your best life.

TBP is a descendant practice, it is not about transcending the human experience, it is about connecting to the whole self and truly landing in, feeling, being in your body, on planet Earth and experiencing the best of life in this short lifetime. Jayne refers to herself as ‘the embodiment artist’ . . she guides you to make art with your body, your life, with your story, and with your many hero’s journeys along the way. As with art, there is no wrong or right way to do it, it just is and it is perfect as long there is intention and heart. Pulling that truth through your body, words, thoughts and actions is where the magic lies. This work is not always easy, it’s a practice and way of living, but it is most definitely empowering, enlivening, cathartic and the fullest experience of coming home.