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Welcome to Your Hero's Journey

Designed to be circular with no finish line, THE BODY PRACTICE™ is a cathartic, transformative, and energizing, whole-body workout that moves and reshapes the body while increasing internal energy and overall sense of wellbeing.

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Classes Designed for Every Boy

Six Varieties, Unlimited Possibilities


A yoga and breath based class intended to introduce students to the method, movement, and lexicon of THE BODY PRACTICE™


With deep roots in vinyasa and hatha yoga, this class features dynamic movement, plyometrics, long holds, and resistance training to strengthen, tone, and lengthen.


This TBP variation is a high-cardio yoga and HIIT based full-body workout with roots in vinyasa yoga, plyometrics, HIIT, ice-climbers, kick-boxing, capoeira, martial arts, and resistance training.


The ultimate embodiment practice, this high-energy combination of yoga, dance, shaking and isolated muscle strengthening has its roots in African dance, HIIT cardio, hip hop, capoeira, Bollywood, and Tahitian and modern dance.


This class is a gentle, luxurious and restorative practice designed to open the body and the breath, featuring deep stretching and relaxation.


A meditation-based physical and still experience, this variation is designed to prepare the body to sit comfortably in silence.


Designed to mimic ‘The Hero’s Journey,’ THE BODY PRACTICE™ takes students on a circular voyage of embodiment as the key to presence, authenticity, intimacy, and to living a happy and fulfilling life.

This groundbreaking method engages users continually through a balanced class system to help participants achieve long-term, injury-free fitness results.

An introduction to THE BODY PRACTICE™ from Founder Jayne Gottlieb


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Love From Our Fans

I am astonished and thrilled every week at the quality of instruction, the incredible work out, and the absolute fun I have with The Body Practice. TBP has changed my view of what at-home fitness can be!

Nikki BSnowmass Village, CO

Jamie's BODYflow was the perfect balance between interesting but not too complicated. And her music selection was awesome!

Michelle MLos Angeles, CA

I'm SO excited about what you are creating and offering in the world here. I want to thank you for the unbelievable effort you've put into creating an at-home experience worth all of our time! This is a fun exploration in movement and spirit that is exceptionally well-held.

Emily HAspen, CO
Where Yoga Meets The Night Club
Where Meditation Meets The Inner Hero
Where Fitness Meets Fun & Flow
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