The BODYalive Mood

It’s a sultry night of disco, plunging necklines and glistening skin. Lights flash and strangers kiss, but it’s the untethered spirit, dancing, that commands the attention. The body moves jaguar-like, its honeyed skin creating an addictive magnetism that only one who knows and truly lives in their body can evoke. The soul has met its match on the dance floor. It’s that animalistic instinct that shakes everything stagnant up and out so that when complete, you walk out onto the golden street, under a silvery moon, fully ALIVE, embodied, free and vibrant. An ecstatic body, walking.

The BODYalive is the ultimate embodiment practice: a high-energy combination of yoga, dance, shaking and isolated muscle strengthening with roots in African dance, HIIT cardio, hip hop, capoeira, Bollywood, and Tahitian and modern dance.

Instructors use specific and intentional movement to guide students to use their breath and the music to find a rhythm of repetition that will tone the body and bring energy to places that often store emotional toxins and are apt for disease. Students will experience an overall release of heaviness, a rise in their frequency, and achieve the result of being visibly alive and at home in their radiant body. This practice is powerful, enlivening, intoxicating, addicting, liberating, graceful and it is for EVERYONE!