The BODYflow Mood

The eyes close and the face softens, the jaw relaxes and the spine lifts and lengthens while the shoulder blades waterfall down the back and body begins to flow and float with elegance as the avatar-self emerges. They have arrived and they are strong, they are free, they are connected, they are grace, they are compassion and they are love. It all radiates viscerally from their core. It has all come together: the beat pumps liquid gold elixir through every single cell and the sanctuary space itself absorbs their prayers into the walls to be delivered as gifts straight into the hearts of those who need it most. One moment, and then the next and the next, full presence, devotion, and alignment play together as a symphony to which the people dance. Wahe Guru – ‘I am in ecstasy when I experience the Indescribable Wisdom.’

The BODYflow has deep roots in vinyasa and hatha yoga, featuring dynamic movement, plyometrics, long holds, and resistance training to strengthen, tone, and lengthen.

This class is for students who have experience with yoga or other embodiment practices and are desiring a physical challenge while moving in sync with their breath. Students will leave this class lighter and more in-body than when they walked in the door. Students will experience familiar yoga postures and sequences and be guided to flow through them as well as to hold, breathe and experience the energy in the postures. Expect to be physically challenged in this dynamic class while working to soften, relax and surrender to the movement and the discovery of what happens when you participate fully, all in!