The BODYopen Mood

It’s another day at the office and the monotony of the daily grind has seeped like cement into his cells, her hips, his words, her attitude. A colorful advertisement pops up on his screen and she is pulled into this world before her : life, lightness, health, beauty, vitality and joy. His eyes grow bright and her spine straightens, he can feel his body for the first time in a long time, and her spirit wakes to the fact that the Grim Reaper has stolen all remains of creativity and life that existed, and from there he will not live one more moment disconnected from his unique and brilliant effervescence. It is in this very moment, a stroke of genius literally, that spark of awakening, a direct download from her higher self, that reminds him that there are no answers that exist in the universe that do not already exist within. She is ready and the time is now.

The BODYopen is a yoga and breath-based class intended to introduce students to the method, movement, and lexicon of THE BODY PRACTICE™.

This class is our preferred place to introduce students to THE BODY PRACTICE and is intended to nourish all levels of practitioners but is designed for beginners. Students move slowly and synchronize to the beat of the music in order to elevate practitioner’s body self awareness and alignment. This practice gives students the foundation needed to feel successful in any of The Body Practice classes while still physically challenging participants through longer holds of poses, intentional transitions, and simple, artful flows.