The BODYrestored Mood

Upon entering your whole being is overtaken by the smell of eucalyptus and lavender and you hear the sound of water running that nearly drowns out the euphoric spa music playing softly all around. You notice that the Swedish masseuse has placed warm rocks along your spine that allows the body to totally let go in any and all of the places it habitually holds tension or stress. You are totally surrendered and in that delicious place between worlds where your vision is soft, your hearing is slightly muted and you feel weightless walking through space.

The BODYrestored is a gentle, luxurious and restorative practice designed to open the body and the breath, featuring deep stretching and relaxation.

Students will move to their breath to gently warm the body which sets the stage for deep stretching, elongation, and a release of tension or stiffness. This flavor of THE BODY PRACTICE™ is intended to balance out the stronger more intense practices and parts of life, leaving participants with a sense of harmony, ease and relaxation all throughout the body and nervous system. Students can expect a breath practice, a brief and gentle physical practice, and time for deep stretching and relaxation.