The BODYstill Mood

It’s sunrise, the morning fog that has crept in overnight enraptures the body and helps to suspend the monkey mind. The coastal birds sing to welcome the light of a new day, and the smell of salt air and honeysuckle waft through the air as the sun warms the sand. There is a rhythm to the breath and an ease in the body that allows for the whisper of grace from the Gods to come through. Every inhale — a sense of nourishment, elongation, inspiration. Every exhale — a sense of release, presence and deepening into the moment, creating a circuit of life within your own nervous system. The soft breath invites the stillness to settle in and becomes the magical healing peace medicine.

The BODYstill is a meditation-based physical and still experience, designed to prepare the body to sit comfortably in silence, available to the whispers we can hear only when the mind softens and quiets.

These meditations are intended to balance out the intensity and fire that is ignited in much of THE BODY PRACTICE™ collection. Students can expect a breath practice, a very brief physical practice, mantra and time for stillness.