Fully Alive


7-Day Free Trial, Auto-Billed Monthly, Cancel at Any Time

The Fully Alive Pass is for those who love embodiment practice and who want to dive in even deeper; for those who are looking for accountability, an extensive library of anytime offerings, and a community of like-minded humans. This pass is for those who value evolution and expansion and who truly want to walk, talk, breathe, dance, sing, vibrate their best selves, committed to doing whatever it takes to do so. We deeply believe that who and what you surround yourself with becomes normalized and therefore one of the most powerful aspects of this pass is the community and we highly encourage you to be an active part.

Your monthly membership will give you access to the following:

  • (6) 35-minute practice classes, one of each style with unlimited replays
  • Weekly live-streamed BODYwhole classes with unlimited replays (starting September 2021)
  • Access to complete archive of ALL classes with unlimited replays while your membership is active
  • Monthly Member-Only live processing/accountability/check-in Zoom calls
  • Early Invites to Retreats & Special Events

Not sure? Try our In-BODY The Journey package instead to start your path to IN-BODYment!

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  • Sorry, this membership is no longer being offered. Please check out one of our other offerings instead!