What do you truly want?

A question that is seemingly easy enough to answer, right?

This is a question I ask myself, my clients, and my students in class pretty regularly because what I notice in myself and in others is that we aren’t super crystal clear in what it is that we deeply desire, or we think in receiving what we want we will achieve this deeper desire. 

We usually think we know what we want, later to discover that that want/need/desire is really coming from what our family + friends, or what society wants for us and wants from us.

If you just read the above paragraph and you felt a constriction in your body and thought ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t know what I want… aghhhh!’ Take a deep breath, love. Let me normalize this lack of clarity for you a little bit.

What I know to be true is that your Ego is not ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. It simply wants to keep you safe, therefore, it likes to keep you in a space of confusion and generality so you don’t listen to your Heart or what I like to call your Essence – that part of you that deeply knows what you want and how inherent your worth is just by being alive.

Your Ego just wants to keep you to stay the same- that’s its job!  It doesn’t like it when we turn on our intuition and inner wisdom we can tap into from being in our bodies more than in our minds.

In my opinion, ALL of us have been fed a big lie most of our lives… The lie that our happiness, our contentment, our freedom, our success, our worth, our ability to feel alive happens OUTSIDE of ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, your girl knows we are physical beings and of course jobs, relationships, money, and physical things are necessary to live on the physical plane.

But what if you could source all those feelings you think you will receive when you reach x goal in the here and now? 

What if you could instantly receive the feelings of safety, security, happiness, freedom, etc. without being a victim to the external goal?

To me, that sounds pretty flippin’ fantastic. In my human experience, I’ve reached a lot of external goals. I’ve had the dream partner, I’ve bought the dress that makes me feel like Heidi Klum circa 2000, you get the picture.

And without being connected to a deeper why or a deeper reason within myself as to why I was pursuing in achieving those external things, the joy of receiving them was pretty fleeting because I was relying on something outside of myself to tell me I was worthy.

I’m here to offer you what I call the inside-out approach to getting anything you want… 


The feelings you think those external things will give you? Give them to yourself now.

Here’s how you do it – next time you drop into a class with me here at TBP…

1- Close your eyes, breathe, and question the belief that the feelings you want to feel from whatever it is you’re trying to attain in the external world aren’t already here. Go beyond the mind a little bit. 

2- That deeper desire of feeling safety, freedom, you think the external goal will give you, feel it in your body now. Breathe into that sensation and let it begin to consume you. Feels good, right?

3- From this more elevated state of being, what actions, thoughts, ideas, come through? This is how you begin to take action from an excited, ALIVE, place within you vs a scared and lacking one.

4- PUT THAT FEELING INTO YOUR BODY. Dance it, flow it, move with that feeling so you begin to really imprint in your bones the feeling you think the external goal can feel like now.

5- Surrendered Action. Take aligned + alive action and then let it go. This is where the magic happens! Honor yourself for learning to resource everything you need within yourself first. As I like to say, Life is a mirror. Watch how your internal world starts to be met by the external world more and more!

You want to make more money? Great. I think you should.

You want to find a partner that rocks your world? Do it!

But the next time you think what you need is ‘out there,’ consider being the partner you want to yourself first. Bring that feeling of abundance into your body before you check your bank account.

You have everything you need inside of you. Trust that wisdom, practice that wisdom, embody that wisdom, and watch how Life begins to bring you everything you ever wanted and more.

Lasting happiness. Lasting joy. Lasting aliveness.

Because that’s what we really all want at the end of the day, yeah?

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